Predators Make Dead Things
Predators Make Dead Things
Predators Make Dead Things

Predators Make Dead Things

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Predators Make Dead Things

late evening
a violent predator molested a songbird
leaving cuts of lark scattered upon load-bearing branches
agitated in2 giving way
staining the child trounced lawn below
painting future moments of disillusion & trauma
prey remade in2 a new legacy
in blood
& the carved remains as a personification of death
2 b carried well in2 adulthood
a mourned morning
a 1st visit with mortality
1 to squint eyes & shake heads with a learning demonstration of food chain vampirism
1 that exists outside of prepared meals & fast food playlands
stricken blank unable 2 respond
depositing a permanent cinematic vision
a slacks sporting dad kicking dead things curbside
swearing about the inconvenience
making the life lost as trivial as a false fire alarm while cooking
none of this is of concern 2 predators


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Predators Make Dead Things